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a love letter to soul

Dear soul...

I know there were times it seemed like I didn’t know You

That I had forgotten

The times I pulled away

The times I spoke poorly of myself

Or of another

When I didn’t think I was enough

The times I doubted, worried and feared

Having built the walls around me

That kept me in the dark

Away from You

I now know things different

and that You are with me now, as You have been all this time

I now see You when I was a child

Holding my hand when I felt scared

You were there when my heart was broken

As You held me up

When I felt too weak to stand on my own

I feel You with me when the worry and fear creeps into my mind

Nudging me back to remembering who I really am

You are my strongest guidance

Most loving support

Forever leading me every step of the way

You are the elation in my heart

The flutter in my belly

When I am moving in a way that is growing me

Stretching me

Expanding me

It is because of You that I feel the pull at times

When I am moving off course

From where my heart is wanting me to be

You stand tall and strong

Unwavering in the lead you take

Not ever giving into me when You know I’m off course

But holding your ground

Patiently waiting for me to return

because You know I always do

You are the peace after the pain

The love after the hate

The forgiveness after the scar

You are the glow that is seen through my eyes

The emotion in my heart

The light within the the dark

I now know You are forever speaking through me

Waiting for all those moments I leave my heart open

For You to let the words move through

You are here to express who you are

In this life

To experience the duality

Only for me to find my way back

For you, me, and everyone else

I now know that all there is

Is love

And although there are times

Many times I had forgotten

And still do every now and then

You are always here to remind me

It is because of you

The times I feel pure satisfaction

That can only be felt when You and I are aligned

When my thoughts are your thoughts

When my heart loves as yours

And my eyes see as You do

So, as I feel my way back to you

I see now

So clearly now

This isn’t about finding my way, really

Nor are You separate from me

But that You are me

And me as You

Guiding me

Expanding me

Experiencing life through me

As this vessel You – and I have chosen

The more I come back to this

Over and over each day

The light grows a little bit brighter

Leading me back from the dim

As I let You shine through me

It was always you

My forever love

My true love

As me – as you

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