Breathe Wide Open

Are you ready to free yourself from the hold that any past experience has had on you? Find your own inner power by taking any person, place or thing and use it to propel you to your authentic self.


Make peace with anything from your past, once and for all, and watch your life dramatically change and open to a world of potential.

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Breathe Wide Open

Cristina’s work, combined with the profound realizations she came to understand within her own personal journey of healing, lead to her spiritual awakening and the writing of her first published book, Breathe Wide Open: Exhale the Past and Fearlessly Recalibrate Your Life.


Cristina provides a pathway of healing that as now been transferred into coaching programs to help others achieve breakthroughs from the past, elevating them towards inner-peace, self-love, potential and abundance in all life areas.


She is committed to spreading the message of trust within the journey, as well as enriching lives by helping others feel the inner power gained by strengthening the connection within.