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Cristina is a graduate from the University of Windsor, Ontario, obtaining a General Arts Degree, with her

major in Psychology. She has been employed as a front line worker in her home community of Chatham-
Kent, Ontario, since 1997, with children’s mental health and primarily within the child welfare sector.

Cristina has committed these years of service to help strengthen children and families who have
experienced family trauma and crisis.

In addition to her work within the Social Service field, Cristina has also gained first-hand experience of
childhood trauma, and the trajectories of life that follow unhealed parts within ourselves. Through her
own life circumstances and a deeper awareness to harboured subtle resentments, she awakened to some of
life’s deeper lessons and realizations that have not only been applied to her work, but also to the writing
of her first published book, Breathe Wide Open. She has discovered a way to use her own story, to
support others on their own path of inner healing.

Breathe Wide Open captures Cristina’s most significant realizations that have cleared the negativity
within her life, and also created new patterns of behaviour and mindset that has opened the portal to inner
expansion, potential, self-love and overall well-being. Cristina shares her personal story, with the
intention to either support her readers who may have experienced their own trauma that has created a
pattern of negativity, resentments and repeated unwanted circumstances, or for those who are of service to
helping others. Cristina’s journey created a road map to clearing negative blocks so that true happiness
and inner power is achieved and full presence and compassion developed. Workshops and one-on-one personal growth coaching sessions are offered to assist in developing a deeper self-awareness and connection to open our space towards our potential, purpose and expansion.

Cristina also values the importance of the connection between mind and body. She holds a passion for
fitness as she realized the gateway exercise has had on not only physical health, but overall emotional
well-being. She has been instructing Zumba classes since 2017 after discovering her love for the
mind/body connection, as well as the high energy workout Zumba provides. She has found a way to
improve both mind and body health, by incorporating the exercising of both. Cristina teaches Zumba and
Strong Nation group fitness classes online, with her goal to reach anyone and everyone wanting and
willing to achieve optimum mind and body health.
Cristina is the proud mother of two beautiful children, who have been an integral part in teaching her
some of life’s most precious moments.