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Cristina Ruscica

Heart-Centered Coach & Author

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Cristina's Mission

Cristina’s mission is to help you achieve powerful and transformational breakthroughs from the limitations you hold from past experiences.  

Breathe Wide Open captures Cristina’s most significant realizations that have cleared the negativity within her life, and also created new patterns of behaviour and mindset that has opened the portal to inner expansion, potential, self-love and overall well-being. Cristina shares her personal story, with the intention to either support her readers who may have experienced their own trauma that has created a pattern of negativity, resentments and repeated unwanted circumstances, or for those who are of service to helping others.

Cristina’s journey created a road map to clearing negative blocks so that true happiness and inner power is achieved and full presence and compassion developed. Workshops, Hypnosis for Healing, as well as one-to-one private coaching sessions are offered to assist in developing a deeper self-awareness and connection to open our space towards our potential, purpose and expansion.


Cristina holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Gen. Psych.), as well as certified as a Consulting Hypnotist with 25 years experience helping others navigate through crisis and trauma. Her work experience, as well as the profound realizations within her own personal journey of healing and transformation, have created the basis for her writings and life coaching. She has designed a unique signature coaching modality, Inspired to Freedom, using both mindset and intuitive connection through discovering the Universal Laws, as the pillars of her program.


Cristina believes in the power of the mind and body connection as the mechanism for optimal health, wellness and lasting personal change. She is committed to help awaken others to their potential, achieve breakthroughs and lasting change.


Cristina is the proud mother of two beautiful children, who have been an integral part in teaching her some of life’s most precious moments.

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Achieve lasting transformation from behaviours, habits and thought patterns that are impacting your life.

Life Coaching

Elevate your awareness between mind, body and soul connection.

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Learn more about Digital Coaching Programs and free yourself from whatever is holding you back.


Exhale the past and fearlessly recalibrate your life.

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