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Protect your energy

and Create More Peace In Your Life

Do you ever feel this? After returning home after a day spent at work or out in general, you feel irritable, edgy and sensitive to those around you? Perhaps this shows itself as being short with your family, the need to ‘vent’ your day’s events, or just overall feeling the need to retreat, withdraw and be by yourself?

Back before I understood the ways we hold energy, as well as absorb energy from others, there were many days I spent feeling these exact ways. My children, who were much younger then, now tell me that they could always tell the kind of day I had at work, the moment I walked into the house. I remember then, feeling exhausted, depleted and as though I had nothing left to give. Not to my family, nor to myself.

This is what the problem was. I was absorbing the energy from those I spent time being around. This was especially true for the days I spent with others who were not doing well emotionally, as this was part of my job as being in the helping field. For many years, I carried the heaviness from the day, not realizing that this heaviness, did not belong to me. Although, I took it on as my own simply because I did not know any different. This was my normal. It was normal within my work culture to feel the stress and the overwhelm. Looking back now, I know I wasn’t present after returning home from work. My mind would circle around my day’s events, replaying the conversations in my mind, only to produce more feelings of overwhelm as I thought about the events that transpired, as well as the things required of me for the next day returning back to work.

I believe this holds true for many out there, who work outside the home and being around others. More so, for those in the helping field where it is you, that you bring as the mechanism for helping.

Well, now I do know different and the things that I now come to know as truth, may just help you to overcome the stress and overwhelm you may be feeling after spending time with others.

We are constantly in motion, on an energetic level,

taking in and expressing ourselves in energetic ways.

As part of being human, as the vessel for our Spirit, we are energetic beings. This means that we are constantly in motion, on an energetic level, taking in and expressing ourselves in energetic ways. We have our fields around us, or you may know this as your aura. Your aura is an energetic extension. Everyone has one and as you interact with others, especially on an emotionally charged level, your energies are exchanging with each others. As this happens, you are taking in, as well as leaking out energy, in the form of your thoughts and emotions. In other words, you are either taking on someone else’s emotions, as well as leaking your own energy out, depending on the interaction and whether you are grounded.

Think about the times that you are surrounded with others who are talking about fearful news and events. It soon becomes your own state to feel fearful as you take in this information and acclimatize to the energy emitted from those telling the stories. The same holds true for the times that you are within company of those who are joyful and celebrating, you pick up this energy and feel the same. Most people cry at weddings as the love frequency is so strong that it moves you to tears. There are many other examples of the ways we exchange energy with others and I am sure you can now think of some of your own situations when this has happened with you.

The more awareness you have to the ways you

hold your energy, the more you notice changes

in your environment.

This became especially obvious to me this past weekend after participating in a Spiritual Expo event at my local meditation center. My daughter spent most of the weekend with me at my booth, and we both felt the high vibe energy through out the center. Once the weekend was over and we were on our way home, both my daughter and I commented about feeling a different energy, almost as though we were going into a different reality upon leaving the center. I explained to her that what she was feeling was a change in energy. The more awareness you have to the ways you hold your energy, the more you notice changes in your environment. This is a good thing because it is this that will help you navigate your way through the everyday life that you have to live, whether at work, with family or out with others in general.

Here are some places for you to look to see the ways you are holding and leaking your own energy. I invite you to reflect on these questions, and even journal around them, to help you uncover areas where you can begin to take a more proactive approach to protecting yourself the best you can.

  • What conversations are you having and in what ways are you having them?

  • Do you participate in gossiping, complaining and venting that involves speaking of others in a negative way?

  • Are you allowing your boundaries to be overstepped? Are you saying yes when you really mean no?

  • Are you putting the needs of your work, or others, above the needs of yourself?

  • Do you go through the day without breaks or time to allow yourself to recenter?

  • Do you process any emotionally charged parts of the day in a way that allows you to move through the emotions?

If you can identify with any of these points, here are some sacred soul empowered tools for you to use that will help you protect your space and clear your energy:

  • Before any meetings or interactions with others that you anticipate will be emotionally charged, take a few moments before the meeting the write out your intentions for yourself. What do you intend for the meeting? What desired outcome do you visualize?

  • Protect yourself with a sacred white light. You do this by simply imagining yourself being wrapped in loving white light and ask that this keep you protected and grounded. You can ask to keep this white light close to you throughout your day.

  • After the meeting or interaction, place your hand on your heart and ask for any energy that does not belong to you, to be released back to the universe where it can be transmuted back to loving energy.

  • Take moments through the day to reset. These do not have to be long breaks. Simply take a few deep breaths and imagine yourself calm and relaxed.

Bottom line is this. You do not have to carry the burden of the day home with you. As I always say, awareness is key and knowing more about your truest, deepest self as the energetic Spiritual being that you are, will bring you closer to moving through your days with more ease and peace within.

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