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Life Mentoring

Discover the blocks that have been holding you back from experiencing life with full expression of who you are.

Why Cristina?

Cristina provides heart-centered life mentoring to elevate awareness between mind, body, and soul connection. By understanding the ways your emotional energy from past negative experiences continue to impact your life, you will gain clarity around ways to release this as well as rewriting your story. You will become empowered and feel a sense of calm and in control of your emotions, as well as gain ability in building harmonious and healthy relationships, starting with yourself.  You will open yourself to feeling inner-peace and a strong sense of self-love, bringing you closer to transformation, your potential and abundance. 

Who Can It Help?

These sessions will be helpful for anyone who is experiencing the following:

  • Feelings of heaviness due to resentment or anger towards someone or a past experience.

  • Feeling stuck in a repeated pattern of unwanted circumstances.

  • Difficulty trusting others.

  • Difficulty building meaningful and harmonious relationships.

  • Feeling of loss of control because of things that are happening externally.  

  • Continual experiences of frustration or overwhelm due to the feeling of need to control outside circumstances.

  • Has a strong desire for change and is ready to open themselves to new ideas and perspectives.


What Will I Gain?

A deeper awareness to your own blocks and patterns of thinking that have kept you feeling stuck.

Insight to your own ability to take control of your thoughts and feelings.

Hold you accountable for your circumstances so that the power and control is within you to make the positive changes you want in your life.

The ability to open yourself in a way that invites positive thoughts and experiences into your life. 

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