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See what some of my current and past clients have to say.

After one conversation with Cristina, I knew I wanted to try hypnosis with her. Once in her office, I was able to share and confide in er easily as she asked the right questions, which safety and naturally drew out my most honest, and raw answers ever. On the outside it looked like an addiction to me, overeating over and over again On the inside it was a hole in my heart. Limited beliefs, and lack of actions kept me in a self-sabotage loop. A pattern that I had created to protect myself so long ago, but no longer applied to my present life. In my mind, I knew what I needed to do, and what I wanted to do, but rarely could do, no matter how hard I tried. One on one hypnosis sessions with Cristina has effectively change that for me. I no longer mindlessly graze through my cupboards for cardboard carbs, nor do I crave a sugar substitution in place of self-love, self-care and self-worth. During hypnosis and since, my awareness of who I AM is more steadfast and my heart is BEcoming whole again. Hypnosis has been a profound experience that made me realize I was addicted to the behaviours, not the substance. I’m letting go, transforming and reconnecting with y true authentic self, supporting flow vs. resistance, penetrating and holding space for my heart, getting out of my own way with a willingness to accept my own power.


My sessions with Cristina helped me to ‘get out of my own way’ on a topic I was ready to shift but was feeling stuck on how. She is incredibly supportive and has the ability to help her clients get to a place of feeling emotional relief with ease. Every time I shared with her the ways my internal changes were manifesting in my physical world she was right there celebrating along with me. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, and you are ready to take responsibility for yourself and take action to make change, I encourage you to connect with Cristina and follow her guidance and hypnosis sessions. I will be back to use her services on other life topics, it was that good!


I want to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation for the transformative experience I had during my hypnosis sessions. Despite my initial hesitations and fears of vulnerability, I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact it has had on my life. From the very beginning, Christina's expertise, warmth, and professionalism reassured me. With skillful guidance, she helped me access my subconscious mind and uncover residual limiting beliefs. I cannot express enough thanks to Christina for her exceptional guidance, expertise, and the safe space she provided throughout our sessions. If you're considering hypnosis and feeling apprehensive, I encourage you to set aside your fears and embrace this empowering journey.


My time working with Cristina through hypnosis and life coaching has been the most valuable experience on my journey of healing and growth. I discovered beliefs that I have held for decades and led me to repeat cycles of behaviour that stunted my full potential. I faced my insecurities head on and found my way to a place of self love and growth. I found ways to protect my peace and energy. The knowledge and experiences gained through hypnosis have dramatically shifted my mindset and as a result, have shifted my life in the most beautiful way.


Cristina is helping me improve my life in ways that no one else has before. I have tried so many things: psychologist, psychiatrist, CBT training, other life coaches, etc. I am 100% happy with Cristina and can not wait to see where our journey goes


I was experiencing trouble with sexual arousal and the pills were not helping when i needed them to. This was extremely distressing for me so I looked into hypnosis as a possible solution I contacted Cristina asking if she thought she might be able to help and she seemed positive about it so i went in to see what she had to say! Arriving at my appointment Cristina was very impressive! It was very easy to engage with her about my problem and she was very understanding and clearly knowledgeable about the human mind! The actual hypnosis session was pleasant and relaxing. It prompted a lot of thought in me later on thinking about my problems from a more distant perspective than usual and I can say that after this one session i haven’t had any problems at all since!! I don’t know if it’s a permanent fix but for anyone struggling with problems stemming from the mind I think hypnosis can really help to put things in a different perspective for you and I would absolutely go back! 100% recommended!!!


Thank you Cristina! I am forever grateful for this experience and will absolutely use the guides you shared with me tonight. This has been such a life changing experience for me. Thank you for creating such a safe space where I could be honest and open during the most difficult time in my life. This was the most safe I have felt in a very long time, and now with the work I have done with you I feel confident in my ability to keep my heart and energy safe moving forward.


I can’t believe the six weeks is over, I felt it may be too long when I enrolled and now I am wishing I had this weekly meeting or touch base. During this time I have experienced aha moments repeatedly. I believe the greatest one I had was ego over intuition, getting in touch with my higher self and listening to my higher self. This has brought contentment and the realization that “ I am exactly where I am suppose to be”. I know there is more coming to me, I feel it.
Throughout this program I have discovered gratitude and I recognize it around every corner. I see more gracious people.
I love the analogies you give as I can relate to real life.
I will strongly recommend your book and your programs. This has been life changing and I can’t wait to sign up for more, so that I may continue to grow.

Thank you Cristina, big hugs


Thank you again for the session yesterday! I am excited to use my new anchor today! It was so beautiful to be in your space wtih you, you have amazing gifts to share and I am grateful to be able to be one of the many who are supported by your offering!


Hey Cristina! It’s been 24 hours since my hypnosis and I want to tell you that I have had so much energy and no cravings at all! I feel super positive and in an all around great mood today! I said my affirmations this morning and it truly does help!! Thank you again


Thank you!! Booked the sessions. This has already significantly impacted my life.


Just wanted to let you know how much I’m resonating with all of your lessons. Just reading and journaling about “Thoughts Around Thoughts” and love it.


Wow!! What a great class tonight! I wasn’t feeling the greatest all day and slept a lot but now I’m perked right back up. I have so much writing and journaling to do! My eyes are open and for that I thank you!


I almost called you last night to express my gratitude once again for your knowings. Just BEING in your PRESENCE, hearing you ARTICULATE, expressing yourself in SERVICE was a pure delight. I am overjoyed with your genuine gifts that you are called to share with others. Thank you.


Thank you Cristina for sharing your program which was a catalyst for me. My participation with you came at just the right time (no coincidence) as I was floundering a bit feeling a bit lost  and was lacking the deep confidence that I have known previously.
In her gentle non intrusive way, Cristina shared many tools and insights that helped me realign myself and get back to me. Cristina’s ability to guide without judgement is comforting and reassuring, she successfully creates a safe space to explore new ideas and consider new thoughts and actions. Her capacity to express care and support is deep and genuine, her joy is contagious and being in her presence is a delight.


I feel so fortunate to have attended a Zoom group that Cristina created to offer ideas to support personal growth and development. The information that was shared and the energy of the group immediately helped me to put her ideas into action. 


Her willingness to be vulnerable and share her story from fear to freedom gave us a roadmap to see that change is possible. 


Cristian has a gift of connecting with others in a way that is sensitive and meaningful, following  her  suggestions I felt supported to make the changes that I needed to make from cleaning clutter to changing mindset. I am so appreciative of her willingness to share.

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