Little Tree Anchored to Big Hope

Written by Cristina Ruscica, January 12, 2021

There is always opportunity to see the glimmer of light that radiates beneath any debris. The messiness that was left behind from the fallen thoughts, beliefs, or interpretations that once clouded our view. When we stand still and begin to see through the lens of our soul, life speaks to us in ways that our ears are not able to hear. Sometimes, the noise around us is so loud that it mutes the underlying voice that is nestled deep within. The noises caused by worry, hurt and even fear. These are the stories we create that stand before us as truth. Beyond this, sitting quietly and patiently waiting, is the voice of our heart. The voice that holds all wisdom. It answers all calls and understands this life on a level that we have misunderstood for so long. This voice reminds us of all things real, as it brings us back to remembering.

A couple years after moving into my new home sixteen years ago, I planted a young Eastern Redbud tree in my backyard. I was an amateur with respect to having any knowledge or skill regarding simple gardening, let alone, knowing how to nurture a newly planted sprig of a tree. I knew enough to dig a hole, plant the roots and give it water. My Redbud was very young, reaching no more than a foot off the ground when I planted her in her freshly dug soil.

About a month or two into nurturing my new growth, I noticed that she was beginning to wilt. It wasn’t long after that her young and thin trunk was dry and her branches fragile and breaking. It became obvious that she no longer had life within her. Despite my observation, I left her planted in the ground and continued to feed her water with the hopes she would somehow find her way back to the light. To my disappointment, she did not. Her life was gone, her branches empty and breaking. I knew it was time to let her go.

It is within the synchronicities in life

that shows us the perfection

that surrounds us.”

As with anything in this life, synchronicity is always in motion. For many of us, this goes unseen as we would rather hold onto the concept of coincidence. That somehow, there is this thing called luck to explain the ways events correlate together. This concept is our own deception. It pulls us away from seeing deeper, understanding more, and connecting with who we truly are. It is within the synchronicities in life that shows us the perfection that surrounds us. Perhaps giving us trust in knowing that every moment of time, is filled with precision that takes us to a higher altitude of understanding. It is within this understanding that builds our own self-awareness, enabling us to carve out a pathway we walk on with ease.

During the time that my Redbud perished, was the same time my ex-husband and I were going through our separation. It was a dark time for us, as well as our children. I was at one of my lowest points in my life as I hit a wall of complete despair leaving me with a deep void in my heart. I remember the days I spent in tears, feeling completely discouraged and hopeless. I questioned everything, as my trust and faith wilted, just as my Redbud had shown me to do. So much felt as though it crumbled around me. My young tree’s empty branches solidified these feelings. The ending of my marriage, as well as the ending of her life. The death of my tree,