5 Unconventional Strategies to achieve Your Sexy Healthy Body Goals

Body Blog Series #1

There is endless information about nutrition, healthy versus unhealthy food choices; eat this not that, more of this, less of that. We have also heard about the different diets that say they will help achieve our desired weight loss goals, including food restrictions, supplements to take and so on. Not only is there always a steady stream of information coming at us, it seems as though this information is constantly changing. Perhaps this is because just like fashion, diets come and go just like a fad depending on the trend. This may be in part to new information or advanced studies resulting in having new knowledge about the ways our bodies work. Regardless of the reasons, I feel it is fair to say that there has not ever been one sure thing to do, diet wise, that has achieved optimal health, weight and physique on a consistent and continual basis for everyone. In fact, I will go so far to say that any trending diets, food restriction plans or supplements may last only so long before we tend to go back to our old ways. I look at these patterns and cannot help but ask the question why.

“Change on the outside begins on the inside.

The golden ticket to our success is then relied

upon our ability to tap into our inner knowing and

then trust in the information and guidance it

provides us with.”

The why’s that surface for me include questions such as, why do these diets not provide lasting desired change? In implementing these diets, why do we insist on depriving ourselves from food choices? Why do we preoccupy ourselves with calorie counting and then plaguing ourselves with guilt if we do not adhere to the numbers we are told to remain within? Why are we sometimes so reliant upon having a ‘diet’ plan direct us as to whether we feel healthy, releasing the weight we want and so on? This then raises the further question for me, what is this doing to people’s psyches, mindsets, self-image or self-worth? For those that fail to comply with a strict and maybe even unrealistic eating goals, are then left feeling like they have failed. Or, is it the other way around. Is it first the mindset and feeling, maybe even desperately so, they they have to lose weight that then leads people to trying these diets and fads for the hopes that they will provide them with the results they want. In this case, success is then placed upon whether they were able to follow the rules. If they faltered in doing so, this then takes away from their own reasoning and ability to choose things depending on what they already know their body to need. Their choices are within the restrictions that have been placed upon them and results are then the responsibility of the effectiveness of the diet or plan, rather than from the person themselves.

This is not to be anti-diets, but rather, anti-disallowing us to make our own empowered choices and being accountable for ourselves. I hold the belief that we already know what our bodies need. We understand nutrition and foods that are healthy or not. We all have this perfect internal system that works within the same flow as all other life forces around us. In addition to this, I also hold the belief that our bodies know how to be healthy, heal and adapt to our ever changing world. The key to accessing this internal wisdom within us, is to go directly to our source. Change on the outside begins on the inside. The golden ticket to our success is then relied upon our ability to tap into our inner knowing and then trust in the information and guidance it provides us with. Otherwise, relying upon our external environment to make changes for our health or body, will only be met with temporary results. The shift has to start inward. This is where we own our power to make any change we could ever want.

For those of us who may be facing medical conditions that need medical intervention to keep our body in balance, these strategies will still work to your advantage. In conjunction with the care we need towards any physical ailments or restrictions medically, there are things we can do to support our own physical health that are outside of the regular medical scope. Practicing these strategies will certainly help to support your maintenance and healing, in combination with advice and intervention from your doctor. Speaking from someone who has two diagnosed chronic conditions, yet, I have been symptom free for years now. I follow the advice from my doctor regarding lifestyle and medication as required, but the rest is left entirely up to me. If this were not true, why is it that some people can have the same diagnosis, be taking the same medication and have consistent complications as a result? I say we let the doctors take care of our medical health, and we are then responsible for taking care of our spiritual and emotional health, as it is this that will lead us to all things we could ever need to know about how to support our own health and choices we make for our body.