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5 Unconventional Strategies to achieve Your Sexy Healthy Body Goals

Body Blog Series #1

There is endless information about nutrition, healthy versus unhealthy food choices; eat this not that, more of this, less of that. We have also heard about the different diets that say they will help achieve our desired weight loss goals, including food restrictions, supplements to take and so on. Not only is there always a steady stream of information coming at us, it seems as though this information is constantly changing. Perhaps this is because just like fashion, diets come and go just like a fad depending on the trend. This may be in part to new information or advanced studies resulting in having new knowledge about the ways our bodies work. Regardless of the reasons, I feel it is fair to say that there has not ever been one sure thing to do, diet wise, that has achieved optimal health, weight and physique on a consistent and continual basis for everyone. In fact, I will go so far to say that any trending diets, food restriction plans or supplements may last only so long before we tend to go back to our old ways. I look at these patterns and cannot help but ask the question why.

“Change on the outside begins on the inside.

The golden ticket to our success is then relied

upon our ability to tap into our inner knowing and

then trust in the information and guidance it

provides us with.”

The why’s that surface for me include questions such as, why do these diets not provide lasting desired change? In implementing these diets, why do we insist on depriving ourselves from food choices? Why do we preoccupy ourselves with calorie counting and then plaguing ourselves with guilt if we do not adhere to the numbers we are told to remain within? Why are we sometimes so reliant upon having a ‘diet’ plan direct us as to whether we feel healthy, releasing the weight we want and so on? This then raises the further question for me, what is this doing to people’s psyches, mindsets, self-image or self-worth? For those that fail to comply with a strict and maybe even unrealistic eating goals, are then left feeling like they have failed. Or, is it the other way around. Is it first the mindset and feeling, maybe even desperately so, they they have to lose weight that then leads people to trying these diets and fads for the hopes that they will provide them with the results they want. In this case, success is then placed upon whether they were able to follow the rules. If they faltered in doing so, this then takes away from their own reasoning and ability to choose things depending on what they already know their body to need. Their choices are within the restrictions that have been placed upon them and results are then the responsibility of the effectiveness of the diet or plan, rather than from the person themselves.

This is not to be anti-diets, but rather, anti-disallowing us to make our own empowered choices and being accountable for ourselves. I hold the belief that we already know what our bodies need. We understand nutrition and foods that are healthy or not. We all have this perfect internal system that works within the same flow as all other life forces around us. In addition to this, I also hold the belief that our bodies know how to be healthy, heal and adapt to our ever changing world. The key to accessing this internal wisdom within us, is to go directly to our source. Change on the outside begins on the inside. The golden ticket to our success is then relied upon our ability to tap into our inner knowing and then trust in the information and guidance it provides us with. Otherwise, relying upon our external environment to make changes for our health or body, will only be met with temporary results. The shift has to start inward. This is where we own our power to make any change we could ever want.

For those of us who may be facing medical conditions that need medical intervention to keep our body in balance, these strategies will still work to your advantage. In conjunction with the care we need towards any physical ailments or restrictions medically, there are things we can do to support our own physical health that are outside of the regular medical scope. Practicing these strategies will certainly help to support your maintenance and healing, in combination with advice and intervention from your doctor. Speaking from someone who has two diagnosed chronic conditions, yet, I have been symptom free for years now. I follow the advice from my doctor regarding lifestyle and medication as required, but the rest is left entirely up to me. If this were not true, why is it that some people can have the same diagnosis, be taking the same medication and have consistent complications as a result? I say we let the doctors take care of our medical health, and we are then responsible for taking care of our spiritual and emotional health, as it is this that will lead us to all things we could ever need to know about how to support our own health and choices we make for our body.

"There is this special communication that happens

between our mind and body and understanding

this language is paramount in making choices

that support our optimal health and well-being.”

We have all heard of the term “self-care”. I am a strong affiliate when it comes to self-care. For a very long time, however, I did not understand the true meaning. Back when I was proving training for the organization I work for, there was a unit on self-care and the importance of ensuring we are taking care of ourselves before we are able to help others. I remember looking at this unit and thinking about what this truly means. I would suggest during this training, that we all have things we have to do to simply survive. This includes our basic needs. We all need to eat, sleep, exercise, friends, love, relationships and so on. These are the basics just to keep us alive. However, self-care for me has evolved into something far deeper and to a level where I understand it is in practicing deeper self-care, we are then able to thrive. This is a big difference between the two. The ways we apply this to our lives is paramount for our optimal physical, mental and spiritual health. It truly comes back to the connection we have with ourselves and the way we understand who we are. It is within the vision we hold our of own worth and value, as well as trusting ourselves enough to follow the guidance we are given. There is this special communication that happens between our mind and body and understanding this language is paramount in making choices that support our optimal health and well-being. For me, this is the basis, the centre of all things we will ever need in order to do all within our own power to keep ourselves as healthy as can be. Starting from the inside.

These are the top five strategies I have come to rely on to optimize my health through the connection I have with myself:

1) Meditation: As always, my go to for anything anymore is meditation. Meditation is the gateway to connection between your mind, body and soul. We are all energy and aside from our physical bodies, is this field of energy that is the extension of who we are. It is from this field that we can draw upon anything we need. It is where our true guidance and wisdom comes from. By tapping into this source we all have access to, builds the connection between our mind and body. Once we tap into this connection, we can then use it to understand the language our body communicates with our mind and vice versa. This becomes our driving force, and navigation tool towards all things that are in our highest good. There are many different ways to meditate and finding what works best for you is an individual process, however, there are some basic learning tools you can use to get your started with your own practice.

2) Feed Your Mind, Feed Your Soul: Feeling healthy, balanced and motivated to remain on track with our goals requires us to start from the inside. We know that we all need proper sleep, a strong positive mindset as well as a healthy balanced diet of food to nourish us to keep ourselves as healthy as we can. However, neglecting any of these areas then plants us with the risk of feeling off balance leaving us prone to get off track. I have learned to ensure I am filling my mind with healthy information all day long. For me, this has meant keeping the television off as well as being conscious of the information I read through the day. Filling your mind with worrisome or stress provoking news is not going to help you settle for a solid night sleep. This is where we have to be accountable and responsible for our own well-being. Notice the things that make you feel unsettled or anxious. Then, cut those things out of your life. Chances are that all the information you need to know about things going on in this world, will be made known to you, without you having to preoccupy your time looking for this information. I instead fill my time with listening to conscious awareness podcasts and videos, or reading books that inspire my growth and thinking, rather than topics that I know will leave me feeling depleted or anxious afterwards. Feeding our mind and soul with wholesome and nurturing information, ensures we are doing our part to keep ourselves balanced so we can feel at ease, sleep better and acquire a more positive mindset during the day that inspires our own positive actions towards things that are good for us.

3) Follow Your Guidance While in a High Vibration State: Going back to the strength in connecting with our true selves, this becomes crucial during times that we are seeking information about our health and wellness. By way of meditation and doing what you can to remain in a high vibration state, you are then programming yourself to seek out information that supports this true connection. On the other hand, if you are feeling anxious or worried about something, this may not be the time to research or begin a new health program, as your anxious mind will lead you towards information that is based on anxiety. The rule of thumb is that you attract to you, the things that are in harmony with the vibrational state your are in. One thing I have learned is to never make decisions while I am feeling low. We all have those down days, and allowing this to pass before making decisions, searching for information or following guidance will help in ensure I am not being lead towards something that will validate my low state. It is during these times that I ask my guidance for help in leading me the way. Once I am back in a high vibration state, I know that I can trust the intuitive information that is leading me to information that will support me with my health goals. Any information you receive while in this state, is sure to set you on the right track. Notice your emotions and use them to help guide you towards the choices that will be best for you.

4) Connect with Nature Absolutely Every Chance You Get: There is something invigorating about the healing powers nature provides us with. The best part is that we all have access to this. I have started practicing more mindful and intentional ways to connect with the healing powers of nature that surround us. Not only the air, scents and sights we benefit from while being in nature, but also the energy we can tap into by allowing ourselves to be present with it. So many of us step outside on a fresh spring day and take a moment to breathe in the air, or the times that we see photos of beautiful winding trees, vibrant flowers or sunsets. We react to these beautiful sights because we are all drawn to nature on a far more deeper level than we may know. Sometimes we forget the reason why we have this natural pull. We see and feel nature on the surface level, (sights, sounds, smell, touch), but we are not allowing ourselves to go deeper with it. We are drawn to nature for a reason. The reason being that this is our source. We are all part of the same energy field and within our deeper selves, we remember this to be true. This is why we feel ease gazing at a sunset, or how exciting it is to catch a rainbow. If this calls to you, take this to the next level and allow yourself to become one with it all. We can do this by simple things Sitting under a tree and soaking up the grounding energy from its roots is powerful in helping us ground ourselves back to our solid base. Lay down in the grass and feel the energy from the earth rise through us. Or, sit by water and close your eyes as you feel yourself be taken away by the sounds of the waves. This isn’t even to mention the ways you can play, have fun and exercise within our abundant and energy field here on earth.

5) Have Nourishing Conversations with Yourself: This is where I say, get out of your own way! If there is one thing you take from this, is to understand the power of your words. The thoughts and beliefs we hold about who we are, what we are and are not capable of doing, what we achieve or how committed we will be to any one thing, all comes from the language we use to describe the ways we see those things to be. I feel such ease looking at this from this sense: my higher being (soul) is perfect in every way. This is who I am and my body is this thing that I am using during my time here on this earth, to express who I am (I am being my soul). Anytime that I feel uneasy or negative about myself, it is because my thoughts are not in alignment with this perfection that is ultimately me. This is the same for you. Your higher being wants you to feel your best, look your best and hold the highest, sexiest, more beautiful vision for yourself. Follow this guidance! Anything outside of this will distract you away from your goals. Hold your vision and speak of yourself and your abilities within that perfection that is within you!

These five strategies are what I believe to be the basis for establishing all you need to empower yourself towards healthy choices, mindset, routine and ultimately a positive and vital life. These may not be the most conventional strategies, however, perhaps it is time for us to release some of the ideas and fads that consume us, and rely on our own, and most reliable source we have. I strongly believe that by harnessing our own inner-power, we then have all the resources, insights, nudges, ideas and inspiration that we will ever need in working towards building a healthier, stronger and sexier body! The beauty of all this, is that none of it costs a penny. There is no additional nutritional supplements you need; there is no special foods or exercise equipment you require. All things you need as your starting point towards feeling healthier, is at your fingertips right now and you are able to access it whenever and where ever you are, as well as have it for a lifetime once you do. These strategies have now become my basics for self-care and I have never felt healthier, sexier and with more vitality and energy than ever before, starting from the inside out!

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Julie Hinks
Julie Hinks
Feb 28, 2021

Thank you for a beautiful post 🙏 So nourishing for my body and mind!

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