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12-week Coaching Program to help you release your past that is no longer serving you and fill yourself with the light you were born to shine with.

You feel a pull, knowing there is more for you.

More love, more forgiveness, more space to clear within, knowing all the good and limitless potential that is awaiting for you to claim. You are here, right now because you have had enough of feeling weighted, small and limited and it is time for you to shift yourself into the full expression of who you know yourself to be.

If you feel this pull, then you know it is your time.

You are ready to open your heart, open your mind and step into an entirely new world of seeing life in a new way. Walk with me, where I will lead you towards your own expansion, releasing your past that is no longer serving you, and fill yourself with the light you were born to shine.


This program is for you if:

  • You feel heaviness from past trauma, or negative life experiences.

  • You continue to repeat the same unwanted patterns of behaviours.

  • You continue to hit the same barriers within relationships.

  • You feel caught up with negative external influences.

  • You are ready and wanting to take control of your life.

  • You feel ready to let go of your past and open yourself to forgiveness.

  • You feel your potential below the surface and wanting support to set it free.

You have just had enough and ready for change!

What is included in the program?

A specifically designed program containing lessons that teach you step-by-step tools and new ideas and perspectives, that build for effectiveness in strengthening your own awareness. You are provided with support as you integrate lessons into your every day life. 

  • One live interactive weekly webinar.

  • One Q&A session bi-weekly.

  • Two one-on-one 30 minute coaching calls.

  • A complete participants manual with valuable lessons and reflection questions.

  • Support and mentorship.

  • Lifetime access to webinar recordings.

Added bonus: 30 day access to unlimited online group exercise.

Take advantage of the 30 day unlimited group exercise classes that are included with all coaching programs, to enhance the mind & body connection experience!


At the end of this program, you will have gained:

MORE TIME from having to search for yourself! I have done the work and made it to the other side. All that I have learned, I am sharing with you in these 12 weeks for you to use and apply in your own life.

A RELEASE from negative circumstances from your past. You will be well on your way in achieving your own breakthrough from anything that has held you down!

A NEW PERSPECTIVE that will serve you in opening your heart and mind and allow love and freedom to flow through you with ease.

EASE in life! Things will not look the same as they did before, and in all the most beautiful and perfect ways. You will find that you will worry less, feel less anxious and less reactive to things going on around you.

CONTROL over your mindset and outcomes! Life is full of choices, including the ways we see our world and how we fit into it.

TOOLS for you to use for a lifetime that will help you release resistance and allow you to step into your own flow.

POTENTIAL AND ABUNDANCE in all areas of your life. You will apply this to your work, relationships, family, business and finances. You will clear space within and open yourself to receive all things you have ever desired.

A SENSE OF INNER-PEACE AND SELF-LOVE like you have never felt before!

Ready to release and receive?

Join me now for 12 weeks of eye-opening, mind shifting, and new perspectives that will help you towards creating a life of ease and inner-freedom! 


A complete workbook with weekly lessons and reflection question
One live interactive weekly webinar.
One Q&A session bi-weekly.
Two one-on-one 60 minute coaching calls.
Support and mentorship to assist you with implementation of tools within your own life
Lifetime access to webinar recordings.




Client Testimonials

Six months ago I had never heard of Christina. I was in a place where I was tired of not trying things because I was afraid. Seeing an ad on Facebook for a free zumba class. I couldn't do that. I can't do that. I will quit. I will sabotage myself. Why try. Those were the words in my head.


Then I fought me and met Christina. In one class and a few messages I found the one person who gets me! She has helped give me confidence not only in exercise but by sharing her life's journey. She wasn't afraid to let her inner self be beautiful and encourages me to let my light shine. Her webinars feel like she is talking just to me.


I now look forward to seeing her on zoom 2x a week, I look forward to feeling good and giving myself that time. I look forward to seeing how far I can, and WILL go. 

—  Aimee W.