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Cristina’s services include her signature 12-week group coaching program, Inspired to Freedom and one-to-one breakthrough coaching.

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Meet Cristina

Cristina Ruscica is a leader in overcoming residual effects from past childhood trauma by strengthening self-awareness, understanding the power of perception and rewriting the script. Cristina's study in psychology, her experience working with families for 25 years who experienced crisis and trauma, as well as the profound realizations she came to understand within her own personal journey of transformation, are the basis of her work, as well as the writing of her first book, Breathe Wide Open: Exhale the Past and Fearlessly Recalibrate Your Life.


Cristina provides heart-centered coaching that focuses on strengthening the connection between body, mind and soul. Once awareness is gained to this inner-connection, it becomes the gateway to achieving transformational breakthroughs from barriers as a result of past lived traumatic experiences.

Cristina’s coaching elevates you towards inner-peace, self-love, as well as opening a portal to your potential and abundance in all life areas. Cristina’s programs are designed to bring your awareness to your own inner power that will lead you the way to healing. This is accomplished through a variety of services including one-to-one breakthrough calls and coaching programs.


About Breathe Wide Open


Cristina Ruscica, leads you on a journey of self-discovery by way of using her own childhood trauma as the blueprint. You are shown firsthand understanding about unresolved and unforgiven resentments, and the ways they continue to show themselves.

In addition to her own experience, Cristina contributes her insights about trauma from her frontline work of over twenty years, helping families navigate through their own crises. It wasn’t until she realized a pattern of behavior and relationship difficulties encountered within her own life, that a parallel was made to the stories of families she worked with. It became apparent that there is an energy we carry with us at all times, that shows itself through to all outcomes.     

After over forty years of harbouring resentment and underlying anger towards her own past, Cristina’s writings in her journal lead her to freedom from the ties she had been held to for so long. This pathway is shared, that will undoubtedly open anyone to their own journey of healing, forgiveness and inner peace. 

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Enjoy deep insights, life lessons and pivotal moments that you can relate to. Allow me to bring you to heightened 
awareness and different perspectives that will raise your vibration, helping you connect with life in an entirely new way. 

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Are you ready to free yourself from the hold that any past experience has had on you? Find your own inner power by taking any person, place or thing and use it to propel you to your authentic self. Make peace with anything from your past, once and for all, and watch your life dramatically change and open to a world of potential. 

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Zumba with Cristina

Zumba group exercise classes provide you with all the elements necessary for complete body/mind connection, instant high vibe state as well as entering into the flow of the activity. You will be left feeling exhilarated, energized and full of vitality and strength. 

In addition to this being a highly effective means of cardio exercising with potential of burning significant calories in a one hour class, there are other benefits that are just as powerful.

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