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Your 'I Am' for Soulful and Purposeful Living

welcome to my Soul Connect blog - by Cristina Ruscica

Do you ever feel disconnected from feeling joy and fulfillment? Do you go through the motions of the day feeling lost at times? Almost as though there is a restless yearning inside you that is wanting more? Often times, thoughts emerge such as, ‘I know there is more for me but I don’t know what that is’, or, ‘I’m not feeling satisfied doing the things I once felt joy doing’, leaving you feeling as though there is something missing.

If you relate to this, here is a soulful perspective that may help shift you towards connecting with yourself in an entirely different way, than perhaps you did before. By connecting with yourself, what I am referring to, is the way in which you understand yourself to be, the identity you hold yourself within, and the way you nurture that relationship – the one between you and YOU. This, right here, will make all the difference between living life according to the roles you have identified yourself within, or living in a way that allows the most true, authentic and Divine essence to show up in the way that your soul has been calling you closer to.

You, me and everyone on this planet, is the essence of the I am.

To start, I am going to remind you about the “I am” presence. These are two of the most powerful words and must be treated as sacred and Divine. You, me and everyone on this planet, is the essence of the I am. This is your source, your Divine blueprint of the truth of who you are. As a spiritual being taking space in your body. You are the I AM. Any words, identities, or states of being used to describe yourself, following the I AM, hold great power in holding you within the identity of such thing. Which is why, your mindful awareness of this power must be observed with intention each time you make reference to yourself in this way.

For example, you may identify yourself as, I am a mother, or a salesperson, or a teacher, sister, father, and so on. For every time you identify yourself with that as your role, while using the I AM, you are misidentifying yourself away from the true essence of the I Am, which is, in itself, your only true identity.

Knowing the difference between your deeper, authentic truth of who you are, and the roles you play through your life, could very well be the difference between feeling stuck, unsatisfied and frustrated with life, and living in a way that feels purposeful, fulfilling and with joy.

Here are three reasons why.

To begin, the roles that you are in, such as being an employee, the title you hold within your career, the place you hold within your family, and so on, are variables in your life. Variables change. There is no permanence to any of them. By holding your identity attached to these roles, you are then at the mercy of those things remaining as they are, in order for you to feel stable with your identity. If your job changes, or your children move away from home, may leave you feeling as though you are on unstable ground and lost.

The second thing that happens is that as you identify with your role, you are then relying on that thing to define who you are and to keep you feeling satisfied. If an unexpected and unwanted circumstance arises at work, you are then feeling frustrated and out of balance because your stability depends upon the stability and expectations you have of your work.

Lastly, there are certain expectations t

hat go along with the roles we play out. There are job descriptions, parenting responsibilities, and even societal expectations that you may live according to, as you go through the motions of the things you do through the day. Often times, those expectations and job descriptions are limiting, in the sense that they provide clarity around what you must do within that job, but they do not define who you are. This takes us back to your I am. If you were to solely rely on becoming the part within your role, this will leave you feeling limited. For no other reason other than, this role is not who you are, authentically and on a soul level.

As you become more aware of this Divine essence that you are, then the way you show up for all those other roles you have, changes.

Your soul level being is where you feel your joy from. This is the part of you that desires creation, expansion and growth, through all life’s challenges, triumphs and everything in between. As you become more aware of this Divine essence that you are, then the way you show up for all those other roles you have, changes. You are then bringing your I am with you as you move through your day, doing all those other things you do.

By seeing it from this perspective, this is where your connection and feeling complete within yourself is birthed from. As challenges or changes happen around you, whether in your work or family, you then have this connection with your true self to rely upon as to how you navigate yourself through them. Rather on relying on that external variable to keep you in balance, you instead have this deeper connection with your inner-most authentic self, that expresses itself through life and all it’s challenges as a way to experience the growth and expansion you came here to do. Seeing it this way, all the roles you play within your life, then become the vessel for your Divine expression, rather than relying on your roles to express who you are.

I’m going to end this with a story from my trip to New Orleans a few years back. We had the most exceptional shuttle bus driver and I was so taken by the way he was serving his purpose, and using his job as a means of doing so. The driver greeted every person that entered the bus in the most genuine way, starting conversations and being curious about who each of us were. It didn’t stop there. Along our route, he made random, or what seemed to be random, stops. At each one, he opened the bus doors where a homeless person stepped up to the bus as the driver handed him a paper bag. Assuming there was food inside, the homeless person graciously took the bag, expressing his gratitude as the two of them engaged in brief conversation before the homeless person exited the bus. The driver made about four more stops just like this one. Each time, he referenced each homeless person by name, greeted them with joy and laughter, and then continued on his way. This, right here is purposeful living. The bus driver using his job as the opportunity to fulfill his deeper purpose. I could only imagine the gratitude this filled, not only for the homeless people he was serving, but the for the driver as well, as he connected with himself on a deeper level – using his role as the bus driver, as the mechanism in doing so.

How many times, do you move through your day, going through the motions, just to get through? Looking at the way this shuttle bus driver showed up in his job, he clearly brought his I Am presence with him along the way. This is the difference. Can you feel it? The difference between playing your roles within the job description, expectations of a parent or anything else you identify with, versus, showing up as your I Am, and bringing this part of you to express as you go through your duties of the day.

Here are some journal prompts to help you feel your own deeper connection.

What roles do you identify yourself within?

  • Have those roles changed and if so, how did this leave you feeling?

  • What are your I Am statements? What spiritual and soul level I Am’s can you now identify with?

  • How can you bring more of your I Am, into your everyday life and routines?

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