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6 Weeks BETA Inspired to Freedom Program

You will be taken on a journey of deep self-discovery that will uncover some of the more profound truths about this life that will achieve transformational results for you. You will be provided with all the resources you need, including both written and webinar style live instruction that will open you to seeing all life experiences from new understanding and perspectives, leading you to abundance in self-love, inner-peace and freedom from your past.


Here you will be shown, in a step-by-step and with fully supported coaching, a pathway of healing leading you to profound deeper connection between you and YOU.

Inspired to Freedom : Audio Resources

Week 1: IntroductionCristina Ruscica
00:00 / 1:01:22
Week 3: PerspectiveCristina Ruscica
00:00 / 46:00
Week 5: RelationshipsCristina Ruscica
00:00 / 56:12
Week 2: PurposeCristina Ruscica
00:00 / 46:17
Week 4: Ego Vs. IntuitionCristina Ruscica
00:00 / 33:51
Week 6: ForgivenessCristina Ruscica
00:00 / 57:50

Inspired to Freedom : Additional Resources

Self Empowered ToolsCristina Ruscica
00:00 / 1:48:11
Clarify Your Heart_s Desire.WEBINARCristina Ruscica
00:00 / 31:30

Inspired to Freedom Workbook

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