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"Awareness is key to finding freedom from the unwanted patterns that are showing up, keeping you limited, stuck in resentment and faced with the same outcomes."

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What Clients Say

“Thank you Cristina! I am forever grateful for this experience and will absolutely use the guides you shared with me tonight. This has been such a life changing experience for me. Thank you for creating such a safe space where I could be honest and open during the most difficult time in my life. This was the most safe I have felt in a very long time, and now with the work I have done with you I feel confident in my ability to keep my heart and energy safe moving forward. - A.G.

Ways To Work With Cristina

In-person or virtual appointments are offered for coaching or hypnosis. Book a call today to see how I can help you!

"Until the hurtful past experience is healed in a way that releases it, there may always be circumstances that arise that causes further adversity."

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Achieve lasting transformation from behaviours, habits and thought patterns that are impacting your life.

Life Coaching

Elevate your awareness between mind, body and soul connection.

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Digital Programs

Learn more about Digital Coaching Programs and free yourself from whatever is holding you back.


Exhale the past and fearlessly recalibrate your life.

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