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Inspired to Freedom

Inspired to Freedom is my signature coaching program that uses both mindset shifting and strengthening, as well as spiritual connection as the pathway to overcome barriers associated from past trauma. Whether this is from childhood abuse, or pain and betrayal that  occurred later in life, Inspired to Freedom will lead you to your breakthrough from patterns that emerged as a result of lack of self-worth, self-love and other thoughts and behavior patterns that limit you from experiencing the joy, peace and abundance in life. By releasing the layers of hurt and resentment within you, clarity of your truest heart's desires become revealed. Within this vision, you are lead by way of strengthening your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, all the while building a stronger connection with your own inner-source of wisdom through intuition, leading you to experiencing life with ease and emotional freedom. This is where true healing becomes possible and creating life on your terms, from the inside...out. 

This program is for you if:

  • You have felt stuck in a situation, repeated unwanted relationship patterns, lack of self-love or lack of trust for self and others.

  • If you are feeling heavy and weighed down because of a past experience/ childhood trauma and/or feeling of betrayal by another that you feel resistance with.

  • You feel a pulling at you that tells you there is more for you in this life.

  • You are ready to open yourself to new perspectives and mindset.

  • You have a strong desire to experience healthy, trusting and unconditionally loving relationships.

Beach at Sunset

Included in this program:

6 - 1 hour live training sessions.

Complete 12 module workbook with lessons.

Coaching to help you integrate new ideas and strategies into your life.

Ongoing chat support for the duration of the program.

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By the end of this program, your transformation will be reflected by:

  • Clarity of your own purpose in life, a vision of your desires and a pathway towards achieving them.

  • Awareness of the blocks within you that have held you back from loving yourself deeply, openly and unconditionally.

  • New perspectives to all life events that help you release the pain and emotions from traumatic experiences from your past. 

  • An understanding of the power of your mind, thoughts, emotional energy and the ways this has created outcomes in your life. 

  • A strong connection with your intuition. 

  • A pathway to healing and breakthrough from unwanted cycles of unhealthy relationship patterns and resentments held towards others. 

  • New space within you to invite new energy, desires, loving and trusting relationships with self and others. 

  • Empowered tools that you can use for a lifetime, and for any situation.


Right now, 6 Weeks of Inspired to Freedom
is being offered at a special price of

 $447 CAD 

(regular full price value $1544)


About Cristina

Cristina is the Founder of Cristina Ruscica, Holistic Life Coaching and is a #1 International Bestselling author. Cristina is a thought leader in overcoming barriers associated from childhood trauma, by raising self-awareness, using the power of perception to create mindset shifts and breakthroughs as well as strengthening intuitive and inner connection.


Cristina holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree Gen.(Psychology) and has 25 years of experience helping others navigate through crisis and trauma situations. Her work experience, as well as the profound realizations within her own personal journey of healing and transformation, have created the basis for her writings and coaching. She has designed a unique modality, using both mindset and intuitive connection, as the pillars of her coaching programs that help others through healing, breakthroughs from barriers associated from past trauma, and creating transformative and lasting change.


Cristina is the author of Breathe Wide Open: Exhale the Past and Fearlessly Recalibrate Your Life, and as a contributing author to, Aligned Leaders: Sage Wisdom From Women Choosing Their Soul’s Mission Over Societal Expectation With no Regret.


She is committed to spreading the message of trust within the journey, as well as enriching lives and service by helping others uncover their own inner-power and internal wisdom through connection with self.


Cristina’s offerings include one-on-one consultations, group programs and workshops, as well as her published books and articles.






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