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Zumba Fitness


If you are looking for a workout that will motivate you, that you will have fun with, completely lose all track of time, and leave you feeling free, strong, confident and happy, Zumba is the workout for you. I found my love for Zumba in 2016 and have been a licensed instructor since February 2018.  My goal is to share my passion with as much of the world as I am needed to do so. I believe that we all have something within us waiting to be unleashed, and Zumba may very well be it!


Zumba® is a highly energized, fun and motivating fitness program using Latin music and moves. Each routine incorporates interval training alternating fast and slow rhythms. You do not need any dance experience! I encourage you to have fun with the music, let it flow through you and make the moves your own. I will lead you through and together we will create our own dance floor with nothing but good vibes! Let yourself feel free to move with the music letting your inner power release through you and you will be left with sweat and a smile! Zumba is effective for heart health, helps maintain body weight and conditioning, helps reduce health risks and above all, boosts our mood! All classes are 60 minutes of pure energy and fun!

Scheduled  Zumba Fitness Sessions

 WED 7:00 pm 

SAT  10:15 am 

strong nation


I have found a new passion with STRONG NATION TM and have been an instructor since August 2020. If you are looking for a higher intensity workout that will push you further to optimize your physical health goals, STRONG is the workout for you. 


Strong Nation TM combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves. Every move is synced to the beat of highly motivating and original music, that keeps you on pace, loses track of time and optimizes your workout. It is a high intensity interval class, so think lunges, squats, burpees, pushups and everything in between, working every muscle group for a full body conditioning workout. With Strong Nation, there are three intensity options to choose from with most moves, so you can take each workout and customize it to your individual fitness level. 


I use the same program for six weeks at a time before switching it up. This gives you time to become familiar with the moves, ensure you learn proper form, and level up your moves to higher intensity as your body becomes more conditioned so that you maximize your workout results. 



Scheduled  Strong Nation Sessions

 MON 6:15 pm 

THUR 6:15 pm 

SAT    9:00 am 

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