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Vision Board Hypnosis

Subconsciously Connect with & Create Vision of Your Deepest Heart's Desires

  • 2 hours
  • 222 Canadian dollars
  • Location 1|Office or Online|Office|Homegrown Health & Wellness

Service Description

I know I used to experience this and I see it very often with the clients I work with – this is the difficulty so many have in envisioning the things that are wanted, instead of focus on the things that are not... For many, there is this internal program that is set to the negatives. Perhaps from past lived unwanted experiences that has created an expectancy for the ‘bad’, or even from media that has conditioned Society to pay attention to the things going wrong... So then, when I ask the question, what do you want? Often times there is silence, or confusion, or, even a response that continues to articulate all the things that are unwanted... This is where I redirect Because we now know, that where we place our focus is what will continue to show up The work I do is to help you achieve the things that you want - not generate more of the things that you don’t. To create what you want, there are two main elements needed. 1) Clarity and a vision 2) Emotions connected to that vision This is how the subconscious accepts this as truth and then does its thing to bring you closer to it. Within this session you will be guided to: Identify and heal any memories that are holding you to limiting beliefs about who you are and what you can accomplish Connect your mind and heart together to act as your guide towards your desires (even if consciously you are not aware) Have opportunity to uncover your purpose Define your desired relationships Remember your truth as abundance, self-worth and love And finally, be brought together with your higher-self/soul essence where you ask yourself anything and open to receive your answer – this right here is gold! All the while, working within the subconscious mind – directly through hypnosis, to imprint your vision. This is a complete journey within the heart and mind, to uncover, clear, heal, discover and create! Included in this session you will receive: A complete initial assessment, goal-setting and hypnosis session A journal/prompt to continue to work with your conscious mind as your new subconscious program is taking effect Your higher-self/soul essence message and A hypnosis recording for you to continue to use as repetition, solidifying your internal vision board even further Can you feel my excitement in this - I am honored to witness your transformation!

Cancelation Policy

Please allow 24 hours notice for any cancellations.

Contact Details

  • 244 Queen St, Chatham, ON N7M 2H3, Canada

  • 244 Queen Street, Chatham, ON, Canada

  • 244 Queen St, Chatham, ON, Canada

  • 244 Queen Street, Chatham, ON, Canada

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