2-Day Mini Workshop Series

How to Get Unstuck:

Shift from Negative to Positive

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Are you stuck with an emotion or repeated situation because of the energy you carry with you from past experiences?

This may be due to trauma, feelings of betrayal, or resentments we have held onto. The feelings attached to these experiences continue to show themselves through our self-talk and beliefs, that will then attract even more unwanted circumstances back to us. As a result, we feel limited from feeling the full expansion and potential we all have within us.

Join me in a 2-day workshop that will help you shift your mindset and feel inner-peace. 

Through this workshop, you will:

Gain insight to your thoughts and beliefs that have kept you feeling limited and stuck.

Learn ways to release the things that have limited you from feeling inner-freedom and peace.

Discover effective tools that will help you achieve a positive outlook.

Listen here for what I have to say about how our thoughts and energy works.

Webinar Schedule

Day 1:

Self-Talk: Raise Your Self-Awareness and Maximize Joy in Life

April 27, Tuesday at 6pm EST

Day 2:

Positive Mind: How Can We Become Resilient No Matter What?

April 28, Wednesday at 6pm EST

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At the end of this workshop, you will have gained:

✓ A deeper awareness to the emotional blocks you may have been holding onto.

✓ Clarity surrounding the things that are within your own control to change.

✓ A feeling of release and breakthrough towards deep inner-peace.

Register today and you will receive your worksheets with valuable highlighted points and practical tools.

Registration ends Monday, April 26 at 11:59pm EST