coaching 1-on-1 

group coaching Programs 

1-1 Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions will help you dive into understanding your own blocks that may have limited you from feeling a sense of inner-peace and self-love that nourishes our growth and potential. These blocks may be the result from past childhood abuse, harboured resentments and unresolved trauma. These sessions will be helpful for anyone who may be experiencing the following:


* Repeated pattern of unwanted circumstances (such as unhealthy relationships or ongoing conflict with others).

* Feelings of being stuck in resentment or anger towards someone else.

* Feeling of loss of control because of things that are happening externally, such as circumstances with others, or environmentally.

* Continual experiences of frustration or overwhelm due to the feeling of need to control outside circumstances.


Through your personal session with me, we explore your unique circumstance as I coach you through seeing your situation from a different perspective and using effective tools that will bring you towards heightened self-awareness and breakthroughs to inner-peace and self-love. Through our session, you will have gained:


* A deeper awareness of your own blocks and patterns of thinking that have kept you feeling stuck.

* Insight to your own ability to take control of your thoughts and feelings.

* An understanding of your power within to make the positive changes you want in your life.

* Deeper awareness towards your own consciousness and the limitless potential you hold within you. 


Each 60 minute session - $244.00




Group Coaching Programs


Group workshops are effective in collectively sharing  space that holds strength in raising your vibration and moving yourself forward in a powerful way. As a group, we discuss topics related to self-awareness, lessons, tools and support through integrating new ideas into your everyday life. You will experience breakthroughs to feeling inner-peace, a sense of release from past trauma as you heal from your past and step into a deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose.