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Becoming A.W.A.R.E Workshop

Gain self-awareness to the blocks that have limited you from feeling inner-peace and freedom that you deserve to experience.

Achieve your breakthrough by releasing, rewriting and affirming a new story that will empower you, bringing you closer to all you are meant to be.

By the end of this workshop, you will have gained:

This is your foundation towards building awareness of the power you have within you to create harmony in your life, take control of your emotions and free space within you to allow for self-love, inner-peace and freedom.

What is included in the workshop?

3- 1 hour interactive online webinars


Opportunity for Q&A


Lessons and daily reflection activities


Online chat support for the duration of the three days


Specially designed workbook with valuable insights and prompts for you to integrate for enhanced learning


Tools to last you a lifetime that can be used anytime and anywhere in any situation you encounter.


Image by Jared Rice

Save these dates on your calendar!

Each session will last approximately 1 hour.

Time Zone: Eastern Daylight Time/Canada

See you at the workshop!

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